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Every Wednesday and Sunday at 11:00 we play petanque at the goalposts on the beach below the Chinasol apartments.  Throw out your bowling ball and join us!


Every Thursday at 10:00, we gather at the "helicopter pad" at the Friday marketplace location, so we can share seats in cars for transportation into the mountains and hiking walks.  Thomas leads the group and Marita goes last, keeping track of everyone.


This is not all...there is a lot more for the active person to do.  Coming down here does not mean you have to lie on the beach all day!  The following section has a lot of activities you can choose from, depending on the season and weather.  The Tourist Information office has much more information if you need it.  You will not have a dull moment here!



***    BMX Cycling in the mountains


***    Mountaineering






***    Canyoning.  Sliding down waterfalls 

***    Cycling



***    Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

          Read more:


***    Paragliding. A sort of parachute.  You start up

          mountains and land on the beach. Real excitement!





***    Scuba diving or snorkling

          Almuñecar Dive Center.





*** Take a boat trip with swimming and food. Info:




***    Sailing and boating

          A real adventure. Info:


***    Running on jetskis, waterskiing, wakeboard,

          bananaboat, pedalboat, canoe etc.

          Info: tel: 630 81 04 11




***    Rent a boat. Info:



***    Swimming


***    Birdwatching




***    Horseback riding

          Club Hípico Taramay, tel: 650 47 73 77




***    Fishing




***    Yoga or Tai-Chi



***    Spa treatment


***    Therapy, massage, reflexology, Qi-gong,

          meditation, etc.





***    Painting and Drawing

          Contact Nils Öhrvall. Mail:


***    Workshops and training for pottery, ceramics,

          crafts, art history, writing courses, cooking class

          and more




***    Golf


There are three golf courses in the area. West, about 30 minutes, there is Baveira in Caleta de Vélez. To the east, about 15 minutes, the Los Moriscos between Salobreña and Motril and north to Granada's is La Zubia about 45 minutes away. Read more at:






***    Tennis


***    Strength training at the gym


***    Billiards